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Valpolicella Scholar Certificate Course

06 May 2024 | 15:00 - 19:00 | €75/person

This 4-hour course is designed for wine enthusiasts and professionals interested in increasing their knowledge about the Valpolicella region.  After successful completion of a blind tasting of two wines and a short multiple choice test, participants will receive an official certificate from the Valpolicella Consorzio. 

Tastings of all types of wines produced in Valpolicella will be combined with the theoretical lectures to give a full understanding of the Valpolicella region. 

Course contents:

  • The terroir and the different production zones: the Valpolicella wine production territory, in its complexity, is extremely suitable to produce quality wines.
  • The native grape varieties of Valpolicella: Valpolicella wines are produced from blends of different grape varieties.
  • The Appassimento: one of the techniques that makes the production of wine in Valpolicella unique is the one of the appassimento (drying grapes) in the so called “fruttai”
  • Production styles and winemaking techniques: in Valpolicella, red wines are produced using the same blend, but with different alcohol contents, structure, and commercial positioning.
  • Commercial and legal aspects: there will be provided notions on the positioning on the world markets of Valpolicella wines, the key factors on traceability and protection of Valpolicella wines.
  • The history of Recioto and Amarone: the viticultural tradition of Valpolicella was born in Roman times and passed down through the centuries to the present day.
This course and the exam will be conducted in English. 

Course location: Caves Bernard-Massard – 22, Route du Vin, Grevenmacher L-6794 

Class language: English

Light snacks (e.g. cheese and breadsticks) will be provided 

Open to all levels. Some prior knowledge is beneficial (such as WSET Level 2) however the class will be enjoyable to anyone interested in wine. 

 Photo Credit: Valpolicella Consorzio 

Booking Conditions:

  • Students must be 16 or over to register
  • Place confirmed once payment received
  • If your plans change, you can transfer to a Masterclass (up to the value of your booking) occurring within the next 6 months. 
  • We do not accept any liability for allergic reactions that occur during or after our events